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HCJ Healthcare Solutions, LLC

We create customer-facing strategies that accelerate revenue with minimal overhead for healthcare companies.  The HCJ method is based on years of experience in big pharma, biotechnology, and leveraging sales and educator teams.  We know the proven strategy and are making it available to small and medium-size companies selling into the healthcare market.






Does your healthcare company have the right plan to accelerate growth?

If the answer to one of the questions below is yes, let us guide your company.

  • Need to accelerate access to new vertical markets?

  • Need to design and/or execute short term training and education?

  • Need a customized, scalable team model with hiring profile and launch plan?

  • Need a healthcare professional to implement or lead a project but don’t need to hire long-term?

HCJ is equipped to solve common healthcare company challenges.

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We are all about growth - and we have the experience to make it happen!

Vertical Markets


Sales Team

Healthcare Professional

"We initially hired HCJ for a training project and quickly realized HCJ was the right partner to help develop our sales strategy and build our sales team.  HCJ established trust, accelerated growth of our sales pipeline, and created and collaborated on several new initiatives that are having a real impact."

~ Emily Crane

President and CEO