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We have a methodology that is fast, effective, . .  AND IT WORKS!


In EVERY project we are focused on GROWTH in both the company and the team.


We are EXPERIENCED TRAINERS.  We can build your team with the tools to succeed.


Partner with leading RPA developers to improve your processes

Common challenges HCJ is

equipped to solve.


Digital transformation is a hot topic across most industries and healthcare is no exception.  HCJ partners with EPSoft Technologies to offer RPA solutions for the healthcare industry. 

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is technology designed to perform automated, repetitive, and predefined business tasks. Often called “bots,” these software programs empower companies to build a digital workforce so providers can focus on patient care.  


Automation provides businesses a competitive edge.  At HCJ Healthcare Solutions, we understand where to start and how to make it meaningful.



Meet the bots - Our ‘bots’ are software programs that perform automated, repetitive, and predefined tasks. (No walking, talking machines here.) Like humans, they can learn and make decisions. Unlike humans, however, they have the ability to perform with perfect accuracy 24/7/365. This not only improves precision, but it also frees the human workforce of mundane, tedious tasks and enables staff to instead focus on collaboration, growing the business, and most importantly, patient care. 

Automate Anchor
Common challenges HCJ is equipped to solve


  • Sales efforts are not producing desired results

  • Account managers are not able to access key customers in crowded healthcare market (hospital, physician, clinic)

  • Issues with patient adherence to treatment due to side effects or improper use

  • Lack of physician engagement or use of new product or service that has been installed or adopted


  • Need to grow but unable to hire traditional account manager or size of sales team needed

  • Team needs training on the new product/service and messaging

  • Customer facing employees lack polish in their interactions

  • Customer facing employees need to develop presentation skills

  • Need short-term patient navigation from hospital to clinic or specialty follow-ups to prevent re-hospitalization


  • Preparing go to market launch but do not have a defined scalable model for customer facing team

  • Product or service is not ready for market but want to maximize market need by launch date

  • Transitioning service from patient/physician relationship to an integrated care approach

  • Transitioning or expanding a patient population from clinic visits to telehealth

  • Need a short-term on-demand health care professional project team but do not need long-term or direct hire

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